Learn more about us MyITServices offers a variety of services to help you with your computer needs from individual to small business.

Interested in learning about us?
MyItPeople.com was founded in 2011 by Jody Bellamy. Jody has over 20 years experience in the industry, in that he saw a need for a more personalized approach. At MyITPeople.com we are not only fixing computers, we are working hard for the people that own them.


My IT People engineers take pride in staying up-to-date on ground breaking technological advances to ensure that we have the ability to manage and maintain your businesses most pertinent data optimally.


Houston based all-in-one IT Services company providing small to medium sized businesses with the computing power of their BIG competitors, while maintaining a stable, secure, and updated computing environment that will continually drive business.


Are you a business in the Greater Houston area with less than 500 employees? Have you been struggling to find reliable IT support that serves your needs at a fair price? Look no further.

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