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About Us

Have you ever been to a big box store looking for something and just get frustrated. WHERE IS ALL THE HELP!


We feel your pain. This seems to be a problem with service everywhere. IT providers are just as bad.


"It's great you're an engineer and full of information but can you make my stuff work?" That is a direct quote from our customers.


People like her don't want hassle. They just want their stuff to work.


What we do is take these problems off your hands. Its all about the service. Our goal is to make you feel you have an "Ace in the hole" to solve any headaches that come your way. We understand you can choose any tech company and get the same products.  


Our services are called Managed Services. What we really do is preventative service to your systems to keep everything working at full speed. Our philosphy is the less time you spend on a computer headache, the less time you waste.




  We will make a difference and we can compete with anyone on price!  


Need Help with your IT...

Call us (832) 569 5181 or email sales @ myitpeople.com


We offer a full stack of services.

  • Managed Services for Windows 10 and all versions of Microsoft Server
  • Network Equipment- Our go to is Cisco Meraki
  • Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Many, Many more


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